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My NYSC Service To My Principal And Students Episode 1

This is a true life story by an
NYSC member…Read below:

“I was posted to an eastern state. Those three weeks I spent at NYSC camp were the worst three weeks of my life. After camping, I got my
PPA posting and guess what, I was sent to a government girls secondary school to do my service!!! I was beyond excited despite the location of the school.

Dammie, d school dey 4 village but I no care, I was just happy to be a king among women (girls sha).

Next, I and three other coppers went to the school to sign our acceptance letter. Dammie, the principal come say she no want any coppers oh, say coppers dey corrupt her girls too much.

Small tin I for cry oh, why this woman won come turn my wine to water na? Which kain devil be dis na?.

We beg tire but d woman say we dey waste time say her decision na final.

I then told the woman that I got a vision that God wants me to serve in that school.

She look me laff come say among all of us, na me she fear pa*s cuz her girls go pursue me. Wow!!!

… I Don hang. But, “u look very gentle n responsible” was her next comment.

I then gave her an innocent smile to cement her first mistake (she wouldn’t believe I could f**k the
assistant principal).

After a little brain-washing by me (trust me na), she accepted us and asked us to resume duty next week Monday……

I arrived the school on Monday morning feeling fly and ready for whatever.

I was offered a table in the science lab which would serve as my office but I refused it cuz it was located at the junior section
of the school.

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Nawa oh, wetin I dey do for Junior
section when bad girls full senior section.

Abeg I wan deal with mature girls jor. Lucky me, I got transferred to the senior section to teach ss1 and offered a table at an office close to
ss3 cla*s.

Baba God, u too much!!. I walked into the office meant for three staff and met a female teacher who was busy and didn’t notice
when I walked in.

“Good morning madam” I said.
Then she looked up at me and replied “Copper, Good morning. You’re welcome”

Literally, my heart melted. I lost all my senses…. cuz sitting before me was the most beautiful
woman I’ve ever seen.

This woman eyes na die! Ebony skin, no make-up… even girls used to stare at her.

Her name was Mrs venny. Also, I got to discover that she also had the most beautiful heart in the world.

She was married and approximately ten years older than me but I still wished her husband would divorce her or drop dead … so that I could marry

We chatted about a few things and became friends. Twenty minutes later, the bell went off and it was time for my first cla*s. dammie, my heart dey beat
like Don jazzy song, I need to compose myself well… no jonzing!.

I grabbed my materials and headed to teach a cla*s full of girls ……”

Omoh, as I enter d cla*s, d girls come dey shout like say dem see jay-z. I come shout 4 dem
say make them shut up! Dem dey mad?. Everybody come quiet and all eyes come dey on me, I come forget wetin I plan to talk sef.

Anyhow sha, I introduced myself and my subject.

These girls were glad to have me… and I was glad to be here with them as the only male copper in
the school.

I be like tuface to them. As I dey
teach, I discover say most of them na confirm olodo.

Them no sabi anything but i later discover say them intelligent 4 bed and them bad to the bone.

Some minutes into the lesson, I asked the cla*s a question but no one answered.

Then, a girl stood up and gave me the answer.

Her name was Ella. Ella had an average face and Bottom but
she had big bosoms. I come notice say these girls dey lift their skirts for me to see their pants.

Chai! See fresh temptation. Omoh, my prick come dey rise small small so I come go Siddon 4 one sit to cover-up. All the while, I noticed that some of these girls
had their eyes on me.

I be fine boy small na. Particularly, a pair of eyes caught my attention. Guess who?

Omoh, Ella dey look me!! As She dey look me 4 eye, I dey look her huge bosom-s…. Fantasizing
about sucking them.

After the cla*s, I asked them if they had any questions. They said yes and started asking questions like “do you have a girlfriend?”

“Can you speak Ibo?”. Haha! Una Don enter one chance this year.
I just waved them off, smiled and went back to my office…. still fantasizing about Ella.

I walked into my office, greeted Mrs venny and sat down and rested my head on my table to
relax (oh, how I love to see this lady).

Some minutes later, I heard a female voice say “sir, please can I borrow your text book? ”

I looked up and saw two pair of huge bosom-s pointing at me. You guessed right ….. it was

I handed over the text book to Ella. She took it to cla*s and promised to return it.

I no know whether she really need that book, abi she just won
use style give me green light?. I just respected myself and kept acting normal around her.
days past, I no see more green lights again oh!

Abi Ella no like me again? God abeg oh. Two weeks later was
Valentine’s day and behold I had so many gifts that I couldn’t remember some girls who gave me gifts.

One girl walked into my office with a love shaped gift with an
inscription that said I LOVE YOU and said “sir, this is a val gift
from Ella”.

I sent for her, we chatted then I asked for her number.

After school, she came to say bye and I promised to call her at night. At night, I dialled her number:-
“Hi, it’s Dammie” “Hi”

“How are you doing?”

“I’m fine, and you”

“Fine. I like you” *silence*

“Can I see you tomorrow?”

“I don’t know oh. I don’t visit strangers”

Omoh, d girl say I resemble player, I come convince Ella say I like her die, say I no be bad Guy.

But I didn’t beg her…. I can’t beg a girl for anything. Attraction is the key … if a girl is attracted to you, you no need all those “ten ways to get a girl” lecture. rubbish!.

I come tell her say if she no fit come tomorrow, I no go ever invite her again. I cut call. 30 seconds Later, she call me back
and asked me when I want her to come … I just tell am 11a.m. girls love guys that make the rules.

Trust me, I know. hurray!!!! Ella and her huge bosoms are coming to my house. Next day was Saturday, the d-day. I arranged my room, sprayed my body spray in the room (I no get air freshner… who needs air Freshner when jona is president? Lol.)

I took my bath, put on clean boxers and a black polo then borrowed some naija films (naija chicks like naija film die).

Of course, I had condoms under my mattress. 10:30am, Ella
called and asked for the direction to my crib. I gave all the details of the house and even told her how old the house was. Lol.

She con laff like fried fish head (ishi-azu). I con begin dey play
cool R&B songs…. meanwhile I Don already drink alomo mixed with big stout. Today na die!.

I just lay 4 bed dey expect Ella.
Next thing I heard a knock on the door. Thank God!

I do sign of the cross. As I open door I saw one small boy wey be my neighbor pikin.

“U dey mad?!” I ask am with vex.
“Comon go play 4 gutter” I hiss, bang my door still they wait 4 Ella.

5 minutes later, I hear another knock again. God abeg I no won die of high BP oh, this person got to be Ella abeg.

I opened the door and saw Ella, s*xy as hell. Jizos christ of onitsha!! see bo’obs! If to say trumpet blow that moment, I for no gree go heaven immediately oh, I go wait till I straff finish. lol.

This girl na heaven on her own, my prick Don dey salute since.

She gave me a smile and I said
“come in please”….

To be continued...

watch out for episode 2......................


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